SAFEMAIL Secure Email Services

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We've been providing secure and reliable email service for over 8 years, and have served over 8500 of companies and individuals with a more secure email experience.

An multi level email infrastructure designed to protect and defend your critical communications.

We provide:

  • High strength encryption
  • IMAP, POP3 and Webmail access
  • Multi-level spam and virus protection
  • 1024 bit encryption
  • IP hiding for enhanced privacy
  • Enchanced security threat detection
  • Secure server email host
  • Daily backups
  • Secure server email host

    Spam & Virus Protection


    Our multi-level spam System and virus control stops virus's, identifies junk mail, and will never block your real messages.

    • Our System uto eliminates large proportions of spam at the source.
    • Spam identification and tagging with Spam Laser.
    • Virus blocking with ClamAV

    Secure Webmail


    • Globally accessible secure webmail service.
    • Super Secure Webmail Interface
    • Web mail automatically synchronized
    • Highest Strength Encryption

    RSA 1024-bit encryption


    Email encryption protects private, sensitive and valuable information communicated via email. Email encryption is deployed at our servers using email encrypting software on our secure webmail centers.

    Premium Support


    Have a question? Click Our Sales Enquiries Form Page for any Sales Enquiries you may have and our fast, friendly 24/7 tech support staff will have you sorted.